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ADAI MC&C Ltd was created to provide services for clients who have underlying emotional well-being issues and for clients experiencing challenges with completing their goals.  

The name ADAI is a combination of my children’s names signifying the family-oriented nature of the services offered. My aim is to deliver a professional service with a focus of care and compassion. My substantial experience of working with children, young people and adults enables me to provide a unique service combining Counselling and Coaching (Personal Therapy).

Working in London provided opportunities to support vulnerable client groups, giving hope to those who presented with a range of complexities with underlying emotional well-being issues. This service offers a confidential, non-judgemental and transparent space allowing clients to explore how their past has influenced their future.

I started my counselling studies in 2011 whilst working in the Probation Service and completed the MSc in Integrative Counselling and Coaching. The focus of my research for the MSc highlighted the need to work with clients who required support which impacted their personal self-worth, their families and the wider community.

As the lead London Union Learning Representative working with area representatives, I supported and encouraged employees’ Continuous Personal Development and self-worth within the London Probation Trust. I established strategies aimed at employees completing personal and business objectives, using coaching skills and signposting employees to develop and accomplish life goals.

More recently, Personal Therapy has been used to develop staff support within an organisation in the South East of England. Facilitating staff group work to develop self-awareness, self-esteem and increase staff morale. The opportunity to work on a one-to-one to address personal issues using personal therapy with staff and service users.


“The man who moves a mountain starts by carrying small stones”



ADAI MC&C Ltd operates in London and Kent providing a service for all who are willing to ‘create change at the right time.’

We have also adapted to changes brought about as a result of social distancing – offering video conferencing and telephone counselling without sabotaging the quality of service provided.

ADAI MC&C Ltd is a service where the journey begins with us but ends with you.



"Sue was calm, collected, approachable and made me feel at ease. I found our peer supervision sessions to be relaxing and they assisted me in building skills for self care such as mindfulness. She created a space for our team to "air" issues we had been experiencing both personal and work related.."


September 2019, Personal Consultancy

"The sessions Sue provided were well run, informative and helped me to relieve work stress. It enabled us to talk though out stresses and share good practice. The techniques learnt were helpful and helped me to deal with future issues and stresses."


September 2019, Personal Consultancy

"Sue is an experienced, professional providing counselling and support services. Her approach to overcome obstacles is inspiring to both her clientele and colleagues alike, Sue's dedication and professionalism is outstanding, and having had the privilege of working with Sue I do not hesitate to endorse her achievements“


2017, Counselling

Find Your Balance.
Set Your Goals.

Cry, forgive, learn, move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.

Steve Marabell