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After completing a range of careers and training, I made the decision to choose a job where my skills were best suited to helping people help themselves.

Gaining a job as a trainee probation officer in London fit that role. However, after failing the course to become a probation officer (PO), it was discovered that I was dyslexic! After an initial period of shock, it started to dawn on me, through numerous “aha!” moments, why so many things had been so difficult. Knowing why, finally led to acceptance.

Reflecting on my past experiences as a result of this. made me realise that despite this daily challenge, I had overcome the difficulties that come hand-in-hand with dyslexia by developing strategies which enabled me to reach my goals. Dyslexia had actually produced a very determined and uncommon individual!

As a probation officer, it became apparent that by using various creative, out-of-the-box techniques in different ways, I was able to motivate people to become the best that they wanted to be. Whether it was because they wanted a career or personal change, become a business owner or be better parents, I helped them to develop insight into how they could change their thought patterns, with the aid of coaching techniques.

It was also evident that many of them needed emotional support. By providing a listening ear, they opened up about difficult issues they had experienced in the past and were currently facing, including opening up about their vulnerabilities.

Through this process, it became clear that I had a unique style of working with people both personally and professionally, that helped them to transform their lives. Due to not approving of certain decisions made by management at that time, I became involved with the union, as a Union Learning Rep. This role consisted of coaching and mentoring anyone who wanted change in their careers or life. This role added further to my repertoire of skills as a coach.

My unique skills in life coaching, both professionally and personally, have been developed over 20 years of helping people in this arena.

In my relationships with persons I have found that it does not help, in the long run, to act as though I were something that I am not. “

Carl R Rogers – In becoming a Therapist.

After reading the Celestine Prophecies by James Redfield, my natural curiosity led me to finding out more about the energy that he refers to in the book.

I discovered the importance of working with healing energy in order to aid in the healing of the world, and was guided towards Reiki as a means to achieve this.

Reiki is a beautiful and enlightening experience for both the practitioner and the client. Being used as a vessel for energy to flow through into the body of another person is an amazing experience. Additionally, using Reiki in hostile environments (such as the workplace) can calm the space down. It also aids in the release and impact of negative energy, helps relaxation and fosters a more positive approach to creating a work-life balance.

Unfortunately, due to to austerity measures, local agencies and organisations had to make budget cuts. This resulted in it becoming difficult to make referrals to local counselling services in the community. The knock on effect was that support for individuals with anxiety, abuse histories, bereavement, mood management, depression and other mental health issues was reduced considerably.

This started a new journey for me into counselling (after having some bereavement counselling of my own). The guidance I received in my sessions was from a fantastic counsellor and inspired me to become a counsellor myself.

The skills gained in my Level 2 counselling training became an integral part of my approach. As a result, I was able to create a safe space in which clients could voice their thoughts and feelings, as well as consider their behaviour.

Recognising the serious need for counsellors, I decided to embark on an MSc in Integrative Counselling and Coaching in 2016. This achievement allowed me to become a qualified Personal Consultant/Therapist, Integrative Counsellor and Coach. Finally, I had certification for all the skills I had gained through my various roles during the previous 15 years!

“The man who moves a mountain starts by carrying small stones”



ADAI MC&C Ltd operates in London and Kent providing a service for all who are willing to ‘create change at the right time.’

So, if you want to experience a valuable and genuine service where you are encouraged to change, ADAI MC&C is for you.

Your journey begins with me, but ends with you…


"Sue was calm, collected, approachable and made me feel at ease. I found our peer supervision sessions to be relaxing and they assisted me in building skills for self care such as mindfulness. She created a space for our team to "air" issues we had been experiencing both personal and work related.."


September 2019, Personal Consultancy

"The sessions Sue provided were well run, informative and helped me to relieve work stress. It enabled us to talk though out stresses and share good practice. The techniques learnt were helpful and helped me to deal with future issues and stresses."


September 2019, Personal Consultancy

"Sue is an experienced, professional providing counselling and support services. Her approach to overcome obstacles is inspiring to both her clientele and colleagues alike, Sue's dedication and professionalism is outstanding, and having had the privilege of working with Sue I do not hesitate to endorse her achievements“


2017, Counselling

Find Your Balance.
Set Your Goals.

Cry, forgive, learn, move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.

Steve Marabell