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Looking for a Life Coach in Canterbury?

My name is Sue Brown and I am a life coach in Canterbury.

What is a life coach?

Most people need some sort of help to thrive and succeed in their life. A life coach is a person that renders the much-needed support to keep things going smoothly. An ideal coach serves as a guidepost to meet your goals and objectives while getting rid of obstacles and problems.

Why hire a life coach?
Some people never consider the expertise of a life coach. Despite failures, they pursue a do-it-yourself approach. However, failure continues to chase these people. These people are lagging behind due to particular reasons. A life coach helps sort out the reasons and helps to get rid of failures. Here are some of the important reasons you might consider hiring a life coach.

life coach canterbury
life coach canterbury

Helps with setting goals
A life coach can lead you throughout the process of goal setting. A life coach can provide good insights into your life. That should help you identify yourself and figure out what you want from your life. Based on your individuality, you can set realistic, achievable goals.

Personal attention and proper monitoring
The lack of attention and monitoring is the prime reason why people fail to attain their goals. People often get lost from their path. Women are more attentive and able to monitor things better than men. A female coach monitors your actions and is in a better position to keep you on the right track compared to a male coach. That lets you get to your goals comfortably.

Provides unbiased support and feedback
Your loved ones may give biased feedback applauding your actions. However, such opinions will do more harm than good. A life coach gives true and honest feedback. You may be reluctant to accept your mistakes spotted by a male coach. A female life coach will lend a helping hand with soft but unbiased feedback and lead you to accept your mistakes. This, in turn, will help to get rid of hurdles and stay focused on your goals.

All-round development
Most people limit their goals to particular areas. In the process, they lag in other fields. For example, some people fare better in their work life, but they fail to meet their personal and health commitments. A life coach provides good insights into the importance of your wife better than a male coach. Plus, she knows particular ways to help you attain a perfect balance between work and personal life.

Bottom line
A life coach is the best bet for those struggling to achieve success. Help with goal setting, unbiased support, personal monitoring, all-round development, and better results are some of the amazing benefits of hiring a life coach.


Life Coach Canterbury

“ When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”



"Sue was calm, collected, approachable and made me feel at ease. I found our peer supervision sessions to be relaxing and they assisted me in building skills for self care such as mindfulness. She created a space for our team to "air" issues we had been experiencing both personal and work related.."


September 2019, Personal Consultancy

"The sessions Sue provided were well run, informative and helped me to relieve work stress. It enabled us to talk though out stresses and share good practice. The techniques learnt were helpful and helped me to deal with future issues and stresses."


September 2019, Personal Consultancy

"Sue is an experienced, professional providing counselling and support services. Her approach to overcome obstacles is inspiring to both her clientele and colleagues alike, Sue's dedication and professionalism is outstanding, and having had the privilege of working with Sue I do not hesitate to endorse her achievements“


2017, Counselling

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