I most like the down to earth approach, honesty, and insight into therapy strategies… Sue does this, and while she of course listens, she then returns with ‘what I’m hearing is…’ and then I either agree or not… And this is helpful. I also feel Sue and I connect well. I trust her. And while therapists shouldn’t judge, some do. At least I feel they do, I feel Sue is not judgmental…

October 2020, Personal Therapy

In the last trimester of my pregnancy I naturally started to feel increasing levels of anxiety about the impending labour.

Through discussion Susan helped me to identify and confront my fears. She provided me with techniques for relaxation including visualisation, meditation and positive thinking to help alleviate the negative thoughts I was having.

For the Labour she taught me methods including breathing techniques, physical activities and how to use music and aromatherapy as tools for pain management and relief.

I went on to have a 5 hour labour with gas and air and no other pain relief using the methods I learnt in these sessions. I can not speak highly enough of Susan and would not hesitate to recommend her services.

C. Sutherland

April 2018, Personal Therapy

“Brilliant sessions, really helped cope ina very stressful job. Susan made the session to suit our needs. Excellent.”


September 2019, Personal Consultancy

“I had my first Reiki session the other day during my 9th month of pregnancy and it was just what I needed! It was such a soothing and relaxing space that allowed me to spiritually connect with my baby..”

Reiki client

“I have witnessed your work. You are incredible. A rare and wonderful lady.”


September 2019, Counselling

I don’t think Sue could do anything different / better. She was always clear and would give me moments to think and work things out and would then help me work through them.

September 2020, Personal Therapy

I would like to say a big thank you for this experience, which was one I would not have been able to have before, because of financial reasons, and so, I am very grateful to have been given the chance to work on my personal life and goals with a professional. The experience really made a difference to my life and helped me to think about what the future could look like for me and how I can build my confidence. I was lucky to have a great therapist who surprised me with what she understood about me, sometimes even more then I knew about myself, which was also a great challenge for me too. There has also been some noticeable, positive changes in my life since seeing Sue.


2017-18, Coaching and Personal Therapy

“Sue was calm, collected, approachable and made me feel at ease. I found our peer supervision sessions to be relaxing and they assisted me in building skills for self care such as mindfulness. She created a space for our team to “air” issues we had been experiencing both personal and work related..”


September 2019, Personal Consultancy

“I had my first 15 min taster reiki session on Saturday and i must say it was amazing. I decided not to read up on the reiki practice beforehand so i had no expectations. i left feeling a little light headed but something, somewhere certainly shifted and my session was only 15 mins! i can only imagine what would have happened if i had a full session. Sue is warm, friendly and takes he work she does very seriously. i would definitely recommend her services. “


November 2018, Reiki

I was in a really difficult place when I started therapy. I couldn’t see how I would ever feel better. Together with Sue I broke down what my issues were and dealt with them. This has really improved my confidence and made me realise I have all the tools. I just needed an impartial voice to hear me and help point me in the right direction.

June 2020, Personal Therapy

“Sue is an experienced, professional providing counselling and support services. Her approach to overcome obstacles is inspiring to both her clientele and colleagues alike, Sue’s dedication and professionalism is outstanding, and having had the privilege of working with Sue I do not hesitate to endorse her achievements“


2017, Counselling

“Did a number of session as a new member of staff. The sessions contributed towards my settling in the new role and was fantastic at providing me with stability”


September 2017, Personal Consultancy

“The sessions Sue provided were well run, informative and helped me to relieve work stress. It enabled us to talk though out stresses and share good practice. The techniques learnt were helpful and helped me to deal with future issues and stresses.”


September 2019, Personal Consultancy

“If you are looking to balance your chakras, create a safe relaxed space for “me time” and/or restore and rejuvenate your energy i would highly recommend a session with Sue! i am still feeling so calm and relaxed. :)”


October 2019, Reiki client

“Sue was very professional in her approach. Her experience is felt from the very start as she explains everything before asks you for your input as part of her collaborative approach. You will feel the healing energy immediately throughout your mind body and soul!”

Reiki client

Find Your Balance.
Set Your Goals.

Cry, forgive, learn, move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.

Steve Marabell